You might have seen a tile stove in one of the Swedish houses featured on this blog. These traditional stoves, which are called kakelugn stoves, date back to the eighteenth century. The Kakelugn stove’s was invented when a shortage of wood became a crisis. The winters were colder than normal, and the people at this time needed to get as much heat out of the wood as possible. The problem was that too much wood was being consumed, and the government needed to intervene before the forestry was used up. Carl Johan Cronstedt and Fabian Wrede, had received a government mandate to try to find more fuel efficient solutions, and ended up inventing a fuel efficient tiled stove which burned the wood slower, and retained the heat for hours. Modernized version of the Kakelugnar stoves are being produced by Swedish Camina. Lindholm Kakelugnar also sells stoves in their original design and they have a selection of stoves manufactured from the 1860s to the 1920s.


Image source: Stadshem.

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  • I love those fireplaces, so thank you for the information. It is also a good thing to make the use of energy of fireplaces as efficient as possible.

  • Looking for a source for these white Swedish tiles for a home in Los Angeles, CA. curious as to who manufactures these and if there is a USA resource for these. Looking for flat vs the arched tiles. Would appreciate whatever inut you can offer!

    Many thanks,Kelly