I just love an organized closet. Not only does it look better but it is also more efficient as it much easier to find things you need in an organized closet. The reality is that my closet doesn’t look anything like these organized spaces in the images in this post. Every morning I spend too much time combining clothes and look for things I can not find. This causes frustration and when your closet is a jumble, your day begins in with chaos. So one of my resolutions for this Spring was to clean up my wardrobe. I am fed up with stuffing my belongings in every every nook that I could find and then spend lots of time finding them again when I need them.

My strategy is to store my out-of-season (winter/summer) clothes out of the way. As I don’t have much storage space in my home I was very happy with the offer by Spaceboxx to try out their virtual closet space. Within minutes I had ordered 7 boxes through their website and had scheduled a suitable pick-up date (this can be as fast as within 4 hours). And they not only store clothes but also larger items such as furniture pieces or bikes. All items will be kept in a secure place and when I need anything I can have it back with just one mouse click. The very fast service (within 4 hours all desired items can be brought back again) and the ease of use of the website is what makes Spaceboxx very interesting. And compared to regular storage space (where you have to bring and pick up the items yourself) this service is very affordable.

Do you want to get organized as well? Good news for Dutch readers: Spaceboxx offers you to try out their virtual storage service for free. With code FA0415 you can store up to 15 boxes + 3 larger items for three months for free. Just go to their website and follow the easy steps. Within a few hours you can have an organized closet (and home)!





This post is created in collaboration with Spaceboxx. Words and opinions are my own.

Image credits: 1. via Domaine & Architectural Digest | 2. Stylizimo | 3. Styleroom | 4. unknown | 5. Avenue.

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