I have a thing for blankets and pillows. You just can’t have to many of these items to cozy up you home. I share this obsession with Karrie Kaneda, owner and designer of Happy Habitat. Karrie: “Why the obsession with blankets? Blankets are the perfect canvas. A giant piece of happy art that can be viewed at once across a bed or in little window panes of color, all folded up on a shelf. Or, picture this: a simple room, white walls, expected furniture. Now take a soft, cotton throw designed with perfectly hip shapes in colors that thrill your eyes. Fling it on the bed. That one thing just changed your habitat. And that’s why I design these blankets. Simple, immediate happy.” You can see all Happy Habitat items here.



Some of my favorite items: 1. Cordoba blanket | 2. stripes & heart pillow cover | 3. kilim bands pillow cover | 4. stripes & heart pillow cover | 5. Pez eco blanket | 6. Kenichi blanket.

Source: images via Happy Habitat.

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