Today we continue the tour around my home with the master bedroom. We have kept the room basic and light with warm materials & textures such as wood and wool. The prints on the antique blanket box in the second images are from Marjon Hoogervorst (left print) and Therese Sennerholt (right print). The woolen bedspread with pompoms, the copper pendant light and the wooden stools are available from Le Souk. Next week I will be showing you my son’s bedroom and playroom! Previous tours: our living room, our kitchen, our garden, our bathroom.




Credits: images by Paulina Arcklin | styling by The Style Files.

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  • Omg, I looove your home!! So simple and clean<3 I would be very happy and grateful if you could share with me where your dining table and sofa table is from:-) Amazing furniture! Xoxo from Norway.

  • Can you tell me the brand name of your bed? Or is there a brand you can recommend? We are looking for a good quality bed and would love to get some recommendations. Thanks!

  • I would also like to know more about the brand of your bed and if you can recommend it or not. I am searching for a new bed and higher end brands are so expensive. I want to make the right choice so recommendations are very welcome!