Is it time to ditch the tub? Bathroom trend study reveals tricks for top redesigns

When redecorating your bathroom there are numerous choices you’ll face. The size, shape, style and arrangement of your bathroom furniture is naturally your biggest concern and sometimes finding ways to fit everything in comfortably can seem impossible – so why not cut something out … like the bathtub perhaps?

According to research, 59% of older homeowners ditching baths in favour of showers when they renovate their bathrooms but is this a trend that you should mimic? Or is there a better way to have your cake and eat it in the bathroom?

The bath revolution

While a large number of individuals are opting for showers over baths, research from Houzz has also shown that consumers are becoming more imaginative in their selection of baths when they decide to keep them as part of their bathroom design. Rather than just having a plain white metal tub, many older people invest in a spa type experience or a hydrovescent bath that helps to invigorate them as well as promote good hygiene.

It’s important to remember that not all baths are large and bulky units which prove difficult to fit in the bathroom and if you’re keen to keep this traditional feature part of the room then there are plenty of options to do so.

Firms like Premier Bathrooms offer a great range of hydrovescent bathtubs as well as walk-in baths and shower cubicles designed to help you get the most out of your bathroom; whatever its size. Hydrovescent tubs are also good for those with poor circulation or arthritis so having one installed could do as much good for your health as it does for the design of the room.

If you’re planning to design your bathroom anytime soon then we advise you consider the following trends and ideas when making your decisions:

  • Opt for walk-in baths and showers if those using the units suffer from mobility issues or disabilities and remember to leave enough room for doors to open outwards where needed
  • Install seats within showers and baths to help people lower themselves into the water but consider how these are arranged so as to create a stylish appearance
  • Use lighting carefully to transform the bathroom into an oasis of calm – the development of safe LED lighting systems means that showerheads and bathing areas can all be illuminated safely so it’s a good option to try
  • Add an en suite bathroom to the master bedroom if possible – this is a great way to add luxury and convenience to a home and according to Houzz’ research it is a trends that 85% of people are likely to follow
  • Pick a bath or shower unit to match the dimensions of the bathroom – remember that there are a vast amount of styles available so give them all equal consideration and remember to consider shape (square, round or corner baths) too
  • Install double sinks in bathrooms shared by couples to make morning routines more convenient and to elevate the appearance of the bathroom as a whole
  • Make sure flooring is safe and practical – lino, vinyl and tiles are all preferable over carpets but you’ll need to opt for something that is water resistant and which offers a non-slip surface. Underfloor heating is also an important consideration – especially for cold winter mornings

The bathroom is now a popular room

With improvements to walk in-baths and showers, many older homeowners are investing in this type of bathroom furniture in order to retain their independence. If you can have a therapeutic bath in the comfort of your own home, why not install one of these wonderful devices today?

Wet rooms are also growing in popularity so this is something you should consider too. They are easy to use and the shower attachments are at a convenient level for all which means practical showering every day of the week.


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  • Very good point about rethinking the idea of a shower-only bathroom. Safety is key in the bathroom for seniors as that is where most falls occur.