In a serie of six posts I will be taking you on a tour around my home. All photos are shot by the lovely & talented Paulina Arcklin. Today we kick off with the bathroom. On one side there is a large walk in shower and on the other side we have two wash basins (from Duravit). The bath is in the middle of these two areas. We have chosen white walls (no tiles) and large brown floor tiles to create a calm and serene atmosphere. The large pendant is from David Thrubridge, the hamam towels/foutas, copper hamam bowls and the wooden stool are all from Le Souk. Next week I will be showing our living room!





  1. Dank Christine!

  2. Your bathroom looks great, Danielle! We’re currently in the middle of building a new bathroom ourselves, so I’m a little bit obsessed with everything bathroom 😉 Can you tell me what kind of finish is on your bathroom walls? Is it some kind of special coating? Is it easy to clean? I love how it’s so bright & tile-less <3

  3. Prachtig Danielle! Ik ben benieuwd naar de rest van jullie huis ?

  4. Oh! Dat vraagteken moest een hartje zijn. Ik kijk uit naar je volgende post van je huis 🙂

  5. Lovely! How did you treat the shower walls since you don’t have tiles? Thinking about doing the same…

  6. Thank you for your comments! @Tone & @Judith: in the shower area water resistant panels have been used which were coated with several layers of water resistant paint. As the surface is very smooth, it is easy to clean.

  7. Totally stunning & stylish – you should be very proud of it.

  8. That’s the coolest bathroom I’ve ever seen so far.

  9. Oh my… I’m in love! De materialen, de indeling, de styling. Liefde!

  10. Prachtig!
    Dus watervaste verf? Op wat voor ondergrond?
    Dit is erg inspirerend!

  11. I love this bathroom! It reminds of hammam. I feel relaxed just by looking at it.

  12. Dank @Nathalie!

  13. @Aranka: ik weet niet precies wat onze aannemer als ondergrond heeft gebruikt (de verbouwing is alweer 6 jaar geleden) maar het is een waterdichte plaat met daarop watervaste verf.

  14. Prachtige badkamer met een mooie indeling! Dit maakt me erg benieuwd naar de rest van het huis!

  15. Wonderful bathroom. This is all I love: simplicity, natural and serene!
    One question: what kind of painting have you used in the shower to avoid tiles?

  16. Thank you for the answers, Danielle! Very helpful 🙂

  17. Hi,

    What a beautiful bathroom! Can you please tell me where your tub is from? Thank you

  18. @Holly, the bath tub is designed by Philippe Starck for Hoesch. You can see it here:

  19. I love the bathroom, it is very natural and those Arab complements.

    dar amïna

  20. stunning! so plain and simple, calm and beautiful. wow!
    …. where is the toilet?

  21. Hello,
    very nice bathroom! How did you seal the shower-area? Im very interested in that.
    Thanks and regards,

  22. Hi Danielle. I love everything about your bathroom! I am looking for floor tiles like the ones you have on your bathroom floor. Do you still know which brand they are? Thanks so much! michelle

  23. @Michelle, the tiles are from Mosa

  24. Hi Danielle
    I totally love your bathroom. Did you buy the washstand or have it made and if so where is it from? Please could you tell me the name of the washbasins too.
    Thanks so much

  25. Hi Danielle,
    LOVE your shower and would love to use the same treatment for the walls. What are the water resistant panels that you mentioned? What paint did you use? How is it holding up?
    Thanks so much for your help!

  26. @nancy: thanks for your comment! Our contractor came up with the solutions for our no tile bathroom. Unfortunately I don’t know what kind of treatment he used. I know that the materials was waterproof and water resistant paint has been used. I think it can be purchased at larger diy stores. Often contractors etc try to discourage when you tell them that you want no tiles but our renovation has been 6 years ago and we don’t have any problems.

  27. @jo: thank for your comment. We did not buy the washstand but had it made as we could not find any suitable one. The washbasins are from Duravit.

  28. Hi Danielle,

    You think its possible to check what kind of treatment your contractor used for the walls in the shower? And also what paint was used? Im like Nancy HIGHLY interested since we renovate our bathroom right now and definately do not like tiles 😉

    Thanks in advance,

  29. @Fabian, thanks for your comment! We renovated our home 6 years ago and unfortunately we are not in contact anymore with the contractor at the time. I know that what he used wasn’t anything hi tech. Just a wooden board to cover the wall and several coats of water resistant paint. Nowadays there are various other solution as more and more people prefer not to have tiles. Good luck with the renovation!

  30. To be sincere, it is one of the nicest and extraordinary bathroom interiors that I have seen. Wood pillars and other accessories match with the white style perfectly. Grey tiles and shades also help to fulfill the unity.

  31. Can you tell me what tile you used on the floor? There are so many different kinds like this, but these are so beautiful, I would like to find the exact ones like this.

  32. Hi Davina, The tiles are from Dutch brand Mosa ( Unfortunately I don’t know a product or color number as it has been 7 years ago that we purchased then.

  33. Wow, I’m honestly stunned, this is probably the most beautiful bathroom I’ve ever seen! I’m so jealous right now (especially as ours is only around 4 m²) 🙂

  34. Hoi Danielle,

    Een prachtige badkamer! We zijn groots fan van jouw wastafel en hebben onze constructor gevraagd een gelijk meubel te maken. Nu zit ik te puzzelen met afmetingen van de vakken. Kun je mij de afmetingen vertellen van jouw wastafel?

    Bedankt!! Charlotte.

  35. I like the wimdow behind the did you made that? Is it white Wood?

  36. fantastische leuke badkamer. Wij willen ook graag met hout werken in onze badkamer. Welk soort hout hebben jullie gebruikt voor jullie wastafel?

  37. Hoi ik kwam hier via Pinterest via ‘t plaatje van de douche… maar omg wat mooi en gaaf is dit zeg! Ik ben er verliefd op! ^_^ Goed gedaan. Liefs, Mijntje.

  38. Hi Danielle,

    Jullie badkamer is absoluut een inspiratie voor mij nu in de mijne aan het creëren ben. Zou jij mij wellicht kunnen vertellen van welk merk de doucheset is. Mijn aannemer raadt af of de muren in de douche te stucen en prefereert dat er tegels worden gebruikt daar. Wat is jouw ervaring met het sturen en heb je anders een alternatief voor het gebruik van tegels?

  39. Hi Merle, de doucheset is van Dornbracht, de badkraan en andere kranen van Vola. Muur in douche is niet gestuct, maar er is een gladde plaat gebruikt en die goed waterdicht gemaakt (hoe weet ik niet). Er zijn diverse alternatieven voor tegels maar ik heb daar geen ervaring mee. Je kan het beste even googlen voor meer info. Bijna alle aannemers prefereren tegels, ze vinden het moeilijk om creatief te denken en gaan liever voor de traditionele manier. Wij hebben de badkamer nu 7 jaar en geen problemen ondervonden.

  40. Sylvia Molitor

    Hello Danielle ,
    I love your bathroom! Is it possible , that you tell me the name of the waterresistant wall and thepainting and plaster ? We are going to make two new bathrooms and I really dont want tiles … I like the white walls combined with the light brown ground .
    Greetings, Sylvia

  41. Hi Danielle,

    Love your bathroom. We are currently renovating a townhouse in The Hague and would love to have washstands like yours. How did you have them made? We’d be very grateful for your advice.

    Kind regards,

  42. Hi Yasmin, we made a drawing of the washstand and ask our contractor to build it so unfortunately I do not how exactly it was made (it has been 7 years ago).


  43. Hi Sylvia, the water resistant wall is not of a brand. Our contractor used smooth panels and coated these with water resistant paint. I do not know brands but it was a regular paint that can be bought in a DIY store. Best, Danielle

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