The beautiful blue tableware shown here in Amsterdam shop Sukha has been created by Jeanine Eek Keizer. The wife of Piet Hein Eek gives new life to existing ceramic pieces by applying a new glaze to the various old pieces of tableware. By using uniform shade variations of colours, it was possible to put together complete sets of tableware from a collection of odds and ends of crockery. At first sight it appears to be a single, beautifully coloured tableware set, but a second look lets you discover the variety and wealth in designs and decorations shining through. A near constant flow of β€˜new’ old tableware has to be supplied, making snooping about in charity shops, jumble sales and auctions no longer an objectionable addiction. Isn’t this a beautiful way of recycling?! The table ware is available from Sukha and from the Piet Hein Eek shop in Eindhoven, The Netherlands.





Source: images 1-4 by Jeltje Janmaat, image 5 via Piet Hein Eek.

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  • Ooo.. what an amazing idea, I would love to do this to my own hotch potch collection! The colour is gorgeous and I love the hanging table too. N x

  • This looks amazing, I am very excited to own one of these, I am definitely gonna own some vintage tableware. This would look amazing in some party. And I would love to show them off.