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  • I just discovered your blog yesterday and completely got lost in it! I love your aesthic. I went on a pinning spree.
    But these clothes, these clothes that I did not know about yesterday, these clothes that I can not afford as a grad student, these clothes that I spent hours looking at, these clothes that feel as if they were made for me, these clothes are different from anything I have ever seen. I have never come across a line that is so aligned with my style, look, and love of casual sexy. So I just wanted to quickly say thank you. Or no, I mean I’m mad at you because I can never go back to not knowing these beautiful, perfect pieces are out there.

  • Hi Lindsay, thank you for your message and your kind words about my blog! I am happy to hear that you enjoy reading it. And apologies 🙂 for showing those beautiful clothes from Humanoid… I love this brand as well but they do leave a hole in your wallet unfortunately…