Copenhagen (Denamark) restaurant Höst has been choses as best restaurant by Travel & Leisure magazine. This beautiful restaurant designed by Norm Architects and Menu use local, organic and sustainable ingredients for their New Nordic cuisine. The decor is a mix of modern and rural farm style. Industrial lights, rough plank ceilings and tables, windows recycled from an old hospital, wooden cutting boards give the place a unique yet cozy feel. Dinnerware in white, grey and blue has been especially created by Menu. The place is definitely on my ‘places-to’go’ list!








Source: Norm Architects.

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  • Fantastic! Could anyone tell me where I can get similar chairs? I have been looking for a while and could not make up my mind and this post helped me a lot. Decision taken! Thanks a lot Danielle 🙂

  • I had supper at Höst in December and not only is it beautiful and cosy with a lovely atmoshphere but the food is fantastic and very reasonably priced too – I couldn’t recommend it more! /Niki

  • Thanks for all your lovely comments! And thanks @niki for your review, now I want to go here even more! Best, Danielle

  • oh my, this is so exciting! my husband and i ate here last september and SO enjoyed it. i can’t say enough good things about this place. like niki said, the food is fantastic and the feeling of the space is everything these photos portray and more. i’m surprised there aren’t any shots of the corner room on the main level, it’s almost like an atrium filled with tall plants and natural light. honestly, one of the best designed restaurants with one of the most delicious meals i’ve ever had the pleasure of experiencing. thanks for posting!