I am definitely in vacation mood as I am searching for holiday destination to spend our 2014 vacation. This resort openend by contemporary furniture brand Dedon is not within our budget but I like to show it to you anyway as we need something to dream about don’t we. Dedon Island on the east coast of Siargao in the Philippines is created in collaboration with designers Jean-Marie Massaud and Daniel Pouzet. The nine-villa property epitomizes the brand’s devotion to eco-friendly barefoot living, utilizing only local materials and incorporating, naturally, many of its signature products. Dedon founder Bobby Dekeyser: “More than just a hotel, DEDON ISLAND is a kind of a laboratory for us – an Outdoor Living Lab for bringing our barefoot dreams to life. Every experiment we carry out here, from groundbreaking outdoor design to organic local farming, brings us that much closer to achieving our vision of a truly sustainable paradise – a place to retreat, rejuvenate and return to the world in a barefoot state of mind.” Many of Dedon’s signature products such as the ‘Nestrest’ can be found in the resort.







For more information, rates and bookings you can visit Dedon Island’s website.

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  • This is absolute paradise! I grew up in the Philippines but now live in the US, and this will be my dream destination for when I go back to visit! I love learning about the less commercialized islands. It does come with a hefty price tag though… still, something to dream about. Thanks for featuring a lesser-known part of the world 🙂