‘Travel the world’ is the theme of today’s gift guide. Most of the items featured are fun as well as educational as you can teach you kids about the world’s landmarks based on puzzles, games, prints or toys. My son’s favorite book is Busy, busy world by Richard Scarry and he loves the page with the Eiffel Tower. He (3 years old) now impresses people when he points out the Eiffel Tower when seeing images of Paris. It will be fun for him that he already knows the iconic buildings when we will be visiting Paris and other cities in the coming years.

travel-the-world-gift-guide copy

1. Paris Puzzle | 2. Paris magnets town set (also available in a London set) | 3. NYC taxi cuddly toy | 4. Tourist Families game | 5. Around My World puzzle | 6. London wooden car set | 7. London print | 8. Planes Carousel | 9. felt city Christmas ornaments from Muji | 10. world cities coloring placemats | 11. Eiffel Tower cuddly toy | 12. crumpled city junior map for Paris | 13. Bonjour Paris print | 14. Amsterdam canal house organizer | 15. Skyline creative play set | 16. Paris monuments puzzle.


Image source: 1. Moey | 2. unknown.

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  • I like your gift guide. I recently wrote on my blog about raising multicultural kids and many people
    found it inspiring. Let’s teach our kids about the world!
    Happy holidays!

  • @ Kristina, thanks for your comment! I just checked out your blog (beautiful!) and the article referring to, it is indeed inspiring. I share your philosophy and I am teaching my 3 year old son the same values. Happy Holidays to you and your family!

    @Angela, welcome! I am happy to hear that you enjoy reading my blog!