I recently received an email from Kevin Lindberg telling me that he had just launched his illustrated children’s alphabet, The Curious ABCs, on Kickstarter. I took a look at his project and I loved it as it’s both artwork and a teaching tool. Each alphabet character is made up of things that start with that letter, creating a multi-layered learning experience for children that is both stimulating and fun. The Curious ABCs is designed to make the the experience of learning the ABCs a more engaging and interesting one for kids. At the same time, it is intended to be a beautiful object that would look great as a piece of art in your home. I think it is beautiful, don’t you? The drawings would also be perfect as art work in a nursery or kids room.


Kevin is trying to get the funding for this project together through Kickstarter. If you like to be a part of this, you can find more information here. For example if you pledge an amount of 30$ you will get his beautiful book. I think Kickstarter is a great way for artists and entrepreneurs to get projects from the ground and it is fun being part of it.

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