Remember this post? I can’t belief that already three years has gone by, time flies! Our sweet little boy has turned three a few days ago. That helpless little baby is now a big boy with with a mind of his own and lots of willpower. The Early Rider learner bike that we gave him for his birthday was a big hit! Not only is the wooden bike very stylish (I love the leather saddle!) but the bike is perfect for developing balancing skills. Happy birthday Kick!!

5 Responses to HAPPY BIRTHDAY

  1. Anneliese Ribeiro

    What a beautiful boy! And nice bike! Happy birthday Kick!

  2. Thanks Anneliese!

  3. Hope you and your family had a nice day celebrating his birthday.
    My boy had something similar when he was younger ( blue motorcycle look a like). When he was old enough for a real bicycle he didn’t need training wheels to keep him balanced! Just drove off 🙂

  4. Thanks Karin! That’s so great about these bikes, it is just a small step to a real bike (without training wheels)!

  5. Happy Birthday to Kick.! He is an adorable little boy.

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