I just came back from a lovely holiday in France. Arriving back home in wet and gloomy weather I realized that summer is definitely over. But I am not complaining as we have had a wonderful summer. Besides, I do enjoy those cozy autumn/winter nights, drinking wine or tea close to our fire place. I still have a few beautiful summer houses to share but we start the week with some shades of grey.








Image source: 1. Sharyn Cairns via Est Magazine | 2. & 6. | Golden Biscotti 3. unknown | 4. Gan | 5. NIB | 7. Paco Rugs | 8. Barbara Groen.

11 Responses to AUTUMN GREY

  1. Oh I love it all…especially the different grey plates πŸ™‚

  2. Love grey, these are just great pics!! Especially the plates and the floor cushions.


  3. I think that for the gray early. πŸ™‚ I looked out the window and see the bright colors of yellow, red, orange. It is necessary to enjoy the bright autumn crucial for dark polar winter.

  4. Such a beautiful blend of earthy tones and modern chic. Beautiful inspiration.

  5. Congratulations for the new design ! Love it ! well done.

  6. Thanks Lily, it is not finished yet but it is getting there!

  7. looks very nice. i really know what is the grey plates brand.
    if you know that bland online store, please let me know.

  8. Hi there,

    Beautiful works! I too am an interior designer and stylist and my client LOVES the grey plates, image found on Pinterest. Hoping you might be able to share the supplier? (Sharing is caring, so I thought it worth asking). πŸ™‚

    Thank you in advance.
    Stacey Williams
    Interior designer

  9. sublime

  10. To all of the lovers of the beautiful plates:

    Golden Biscotti


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