I love the tiles from Made a Mano (I have posted about theme before). The tiles are entirely made by hand from lavastone and terracotta. The patterns and colors are gorgeous, combining different styles create a stunning and unique effect. The goal of this Danish company is: β€œto create a collection of tiles, countertops and sinks, combining ancient traditional handicraft with modern techniques. Revealing a sure sense of beauty and style.”




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  • dear style files.
    i am a copenhagenbased interior designer.
    i just wanted to mention that the last bathroom is from my old home.
    best regards
    stine langvad

  • I just wanted to warn future Made A Mano customers: I ordered these extraordinarily expensive tiles for a powder room of mine ($60/sf) and they came in and looked NOTHING like the photograph on their website of exactly the same tile. What I got literally might as well have been standard, ugly porcelain tiles from the 1970s lacking in any depth whatsoever. The effect was so awful and counter to my expectations. The unfortunate thing is that I was so trusting, I literally had my installers open the box and actually install the tiles while I went away for a long weekend. The installation was perfect but the tile, absolutely ordinary — nothing like what they had pictured. I contacted Made A Mano to let them know how unhappy I was. First I asked for a replacement. No response. Then I asked for a refund. No response. I have since had our contractors take all the tiles out and am waiting for new tile from a different tile company to have installed. This has been nothing short of a fiasco and a HUGE waste of money and time. Don’t bother with this company. They don’t bother producing a quality product that mimics their beautiful website tile showcases and then they don’t bother caring whether or not you got what you paid for. Stay away from Made A Mano. Stay away from Made A Mano. Stay away from Made A Mano. Please!!! This tile is worthless. If you want pictures you can email me at leeksliang at that popular email address associated with google and I will email you pictures back of both the tile I ordered (as pictured on their website) versus the tile I got (I have the installation pictures as keep in mind, I did install them before ripping them out!).