First of all, I’d like to wish you a happy summer! I hope you’re having a wonderful time with lots of fun, sunshine and quality time with loved ones and friends. I will continue blogging as usual but the style files will get a new design in a few weeks time. And I would like to ask you for your help. I would be grateful if you could let me know what you like best about the style files and which topics or styles you would like to see more. Would you like to see more fashion, do you want to know where you can buy similar products featured in the images, or perhaps you would like to read about more practical interior related things for example. Let me know so I can make the style files a better blog! You can leave a comment or send me an email (danielledelange [at] gmail [dot] com).

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  • I love the interior/exterior photos, a little bit of fashion thrown in is always pretty but there are already so many blogs about fashion. I would love to read more about the interiors featured and any links to where I can buy similar products to those featured would be great. Love the blog, love all the photos…always inspiring!

  • I lowe all your items and places selected. Also as I live at the far south, I appreciate your summer landscapes and items when we are freezing. And I appreciate your snow landscapes and cosy corners when we are melting in the summer.
    From Uruguay, I wish you a very happy summer!

  • Happy Summer! I follow your blog because it is just pure escapism to me. The homes you feature are so unlike anything in my part of the world (NE US) and have me dreaming of running off to gorgeous sun bleached vistas. I particularly love the white and wood aesthetic, but it’s nice when you throw in something a little different or more colorful for a visual break. Great blog!

  • I LOVE your blog it is so inspiring for restoring my little stone house and at the same time, a total escape as the last comment stated. Maybe some interviews with the homeowners on how they went about restoring their homes? But really, your blog is perfect the way it is.

  • I love your blog and find it so refreshing. I prefer the home/interior stories as I get the fashion inspiration elsewhere anyway. I really like the types of interiors/homes you feature as well and when you have some products in the mix as well…

  • Hello, I love all your interior-design, the beautiful pictures you publish of homes in different countries. And as mentioned in other comments, I would love to read where to buy similar products or have some practical tips for decorating an interior.

    Thanks a lot and happy summer.

  • Hi Danielle.
    I love the interior design inspiration the most. The beautiful houses in beautiful places. The white with the wood are my favorite! An added bonus would be to read about the owners inspiration & how they transformed their homes.
    Tips on where to buy similar products is a good thing but I struggle to find them to buy within the UK.
    Overall I think your blog is great and I always look forward to receiving your posts.

  • I love the product suggestions because I get to discover products that I’ve never seen or have no access to because of where I live. Looking forward to the new design… Have a great summer!

  • I enjoy the interior design aspect of your blog. As another reader stated, I like to see homes from different countries and how they decorate. Always gives me inspiration to try new things in my home.

  • Love it just the way it is! I agree with some of your other readers, it feels like a mini holiday to read your blog. If someone asked me how I cope with stress, I probably would say: style-files! Keep the beautiful interiors coming, especially from other parts of the world as well.

  • I love it too, but if you’re making changes, I’d say there’s too much of the idyllic interior (nearly always white and wood it seems) and less of the way that real people live. How about more interior ideas we could try ourselves, without all the space and weather and money. Just a suggestion, I always enjoy this blog spot. Thank you for your efforts.

  • Love your blog, I do at times wish to order/learn where certain items or similar items can be located/sourced so that would help. Love your home/decor posts most. Good luck with redesign.

  • Hoi danielle, ik volg je blog al jaren met veel plezier! En dat zal ik zeker ook blijven doen, ik heb dan ook niet veel aan te merken. Het enige wat me wel opvalt is (zoals eerder al genoemd) dat je vooral serene witte interieurs post. Wat mij bereft zou af en toe wat meer kleur een leuke afwisseling zijn. Verder…ga zo door! πŸ™‚

  • As a designer, I try to read alot of design blogs for inspiration, new ideas and products and to be able to forward good ideas to my clients for their homes. Rarely do I find a blog that compares to yours. It is unique in its content and style. I wouldn’t change a thing. I do love the occasional clothing posts but one a week is usually enough for me. Please keep doing what you are doing.

  • Hi Danielle, happy summer to you, too.
    I like your blog for many reasons. I particularly enjoy the theme posts you do, things that you feel have something in common, whatever that might be. I also think some practical hints or solutions on interior design would be a great idea. Since you see so many things, you’re in a particularly good position to pull them together for the rest of us.
    All the best…

  • Hi Danielle,

    I think focusing on interior design or fashion (one or the other) would be great. Maybe you can have style-files part deux for fashion and keep the original blog for interior design! :o)))


  • I love to come here for first of all the interior design inspiration with a natural asthetic. Yes I will appreciate ideas where to find similar products. Can’t wait to see the new design… Happy summer too Danielle !

  • Love your blog, it’s great inspiration! Love that it isn’t a fashion blog but still has some fashion elements. Fashion Friday inspires me so much. πŸ™‚
    Happy summer! πŸ˜€

  • Your blog let’s me dream. I wish i would have more possibilities to create my little house much more. But as i am a carpenter/cabinetmaker your blog already inspired me.
    I am looking forward to a new design but i would not change anything else than where to find some products and maybe ideas for some “how to do yourself”.
    You could do a seperate blog for fashion. I like this style as well, but the clothes ar not my budget at all.
    Happy summer for all of you. Greatings from spain.

  • Hello.
    Re : “just a tad less white on white on white” , “too much of the idyllic interior” ? I read this and I got worried. Please, please don’t change anything about that. Those idyllic places and white on white are the main reasons for me to visit every day for the last 6 years I think πŸ™‚ Fantastic blog! You have been my main inspiration and now that I am buliding a house some say it seems “idyllic”. I wonder why πŸ˜‰ Thanks Danielle.
    Ps: I actually think I owe you some photos once I finish (for your subconscious contribution.
    Greetings from Poland

  • First, THANK YOU all for your kind words about my blog! I am so happy to hear that you enjoy reading it. And also thanks for your suggestions! Many readers visit the style files for the beautiful interiors with lots of white and natural materials. Of course I will continue featuring this kind of interiors as it is my signature style. But I will try to show a little bit of color every now and then. Thanks again and have a fab summer!

  • Happy summer! Your blog is the only one I clicked through all the way to the first post when I discovered it about a year and a half ago (true story :-). There are many interior blogs/sites/magazines, but yours is unique because of your sense of style – it is how you curate the content that I love (white on white with a touch of black, and lots of wood, yes please!) – on other sites you have to look for this Scandinavian style, here it is about this style and that is fantastic, uniquely consistent, thank you for that! All the best πŸ™‚ Marika

  • Thanks for your kind words @Marika! I am happy to hear that you enjoy reading the style files. It must have took you a while to click through all the way to the first post (in 2006!) :).

  • Danielle:

    I absolutely love your blog. It’s tough to mix fashion and interior design without it seeming scattered but you’re great at it. You’d think personal style would just flow together bit people really want to study each aspect separately… Funny how that works.

    I like the practical aspects of both fashion and interior design and that’s typically why I read blogs: if I wanted pure inspiration, I can read Architectural Digest or Vogue. Jut keep doing what you’re doing!

  • I started to read your blog for the interiors/exteriors (which I still do), but I have come to love your forays into fashion, too— so stylish. So more of the same, please! Thank you.

  • What I love about your blog is the keenly-edited selection of images and that there is only a small amount of text. Not that I don’t appreciate your writing! But I subscribe to many other wordy blogs and don’t always have the time for a big read. At The Style Files, the images you’ve curated speak for themselves and I always head straight here for a quick and delightful fix of pictorial loveliness. The fashion posts don’t particularly interest me, except for the fact that I feel I get to know more about you by seeing what you’re drawn to. Good luck!

  • Danielle, I am in the same boat as Marika. Your blog is the one I can stay up (very) late reading backwards to get to the first post. It is already so fab with a little fashion and whatever mixed in because of your sense of style. You have an eye, so no matter what you choose, it works because it is something you are drawn to. The reason your bits of fashion here and there are great, is because fashion is like interior spaces…layering accessories with well chosen pieces, and because it is your taste, which brings it all together. I say go with your gut, because it has gotten you here, with so many happy readers. I agree as well with another comment, “style files is how I deal with stress”. I think people feel that way because of the soothing white on white and summery interiors. I just wouldnt change any of that, because it is so perfect as is. There are plenty of ‘how to make a chevron rug’ blogs and i just dont want you to feel like you have to change too much in what is already a stand out blog.
    If there is one thing I could give as constructive, it might be that your header doesn’t seem to beautifully capture what the blog is going to show readers. I and others are already 100% hooked, but for new readers, if they see a beautiful header, might dig a little deeper and get hooked like the rest of us;-). Carry on as you have, add a bit more of the story/process behind the spaces if you can, but stay true to your gut. It hasn’t let you down this far.
    We love you from Montana (US) and all over the globe!