If you are in your twenties it is easy to assemble a summer wardrobe as anything looks good on you when you’re that young. But when you enter your thirties and forties it get more difficult to find stylish summer outfits, at least that’s my experience. I like JOIE as their fashion is casual but also understatedly chic. Their designs are inspired by the Southern California lifestyle and its casual, yet sophisticated way of life. The JOIE concept has always been “Casual, Comfortable and Luxurious.” Each piece that is designed encompasses a balance of these three key elements…one cannot exist without the other. Here are a few of my picks!

1. chambray blue shorts;
2. lightweight linen tee in heather grey;
3. tunic style dress with crochet knit;
4. leather sandals;
5. elegant cotton tee with embroidered neckline and hem;
6. cuff featuring multi colored enamel on brass;

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