Today some examples of beautiful use of raw wood: wood as a holder for a light bulb (from Muuto), wooden stair cases, a mirror frame made from reclaimed wood and, my favourite, a house with a stunning wooden beam framework.





(image source: 1. Keller + Keller for Boston Globe 2. Fjellby, 3. Agathe Perroy’s apartment in Paris / image by Christelle, 4. Steen & Aiesh, 5. unknown)

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  • Hey Danielle,
    I just descovered your blog and love it!!
    I really like neutral tones, raw materials and wood.
    I’m moving to a new appartement in spring and would love to use your pics to inspire me…I’ll rent one so I cannot deside about the kitchen, floors etc. but I hope this style will fit!
    What kind of couch would you recommend (I fear that when I choose a white one it’ll get dirty when in use…)

    Have a great day!

  • omg these pictures are awesome, I love the raw wood with a lot of white very much., could imagine to move ;)) ..immediately.
    – Elke

  • Hi Lisa, Thanks for your comment! Welcome to my blog the style files. I hope you find some inspiration here for decorating your new apartment.
    I would pick a ‘neutral’ color for a couch. I personally like grey or beige but the color should also work with the rest of your furniture pieces and colors. When I was single I used to have a white couch and I loved it! But you have to be very careful (no eating or drinking on the couch..). Now I have a husband and a 2 year old son we have a sand colored couch in our home. Still light colored but stains are less noticeable. It is possible to wash/dry clean the cover of our sofa which is something we need to do rather sooner then later.. Good luck with your new apartment.

  • I think I need to take some inspiration too to design my apartment, maybe not that extravagant though. I’ll be showing my husband when he gets back from work. I love the natural and modern twist. Thanks for sharing.

  • Great post! I especially love the first picture (oh my! I need that house!) and the mirror frame. Thank you for sharing!