a stylish house on mykonos, greece


I have featured this stylish house on the Greek island Mykonos before (you can see it here). But I came across some new images and as the house has got a new look I decided that it is worth showing you again. The holiday home, which balances on a small hilltop with breathtaking views over the Aegean sea and the magical island of Delos, is actually for rent (however only the rich can afford it..).







(images via Marie Claire Maison)

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  1. If I was a rich girl.. haha, lijkt mij een heerlijke plek. Ik vind de eerste foto zo mooi, het straalt een enorme rust uit, maar is totaal niet saai.

  2. I really, really, really need to move there!! I´m sick of a 7 month winter.. I need light and sun!!!! that sea… and all white!! I´m in love with that house… can I go?

  3. Truly amazing home, thanks so much for sharing the additional images for us all to drool over!

  4. It beats Britain hands down – all that purity and soul renewal, there is something very magical about white and the ocean combined together.

  5. Actually this is a house on the island of Santorini, you can tell by the horizon, the other end of the island is visible still, and there’s only one place in the world that looks like Santorini 🙂 But it is a nice house anyway!

  6. @Athony: the villa is located on Mykonos. The horizon is bit similar to Santorini. The island you see is Dilos (very close to Mykonos).

  7. Wauw, ziet er prachtig uit!! Eerste foto is super qua interieur en kleuren! En dat zwembad… heerlijk!

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  9. My friend Gabrielle Raaff did all those beautiful paintings in your first pic. Such a talented gal. See more of her work at http://www.gabrielleraaff.com

  10. This is a truly beautiful house and one that is making me long for warm summer days on this cold, grey February day here in England. That white dining room with the George Nelson pendant lamps is just stunnning.

  11. It is all so harmonious.

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