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We have an open plan living room and kitchen area with a wooden floor. It would have been to much (wood on wood) to have a wooden kitchen as well so we opted for a white kitchen. But I do love a kitchen made from wood. The kitchen below is actually made from a single elm tree. It is gorgeous don’t you think? Today’s post is the last one in this week’s series about kitchens. Earlier I featured white kitchens and here you can see black kitchens.



wooden kitchen







(image source: 1. Patrick Cline for Lonny, 2. Dwell, 3. & 4. unknown, 5. Studio 5982, 6. Kalkliter, 7. unknown, 8. Moka & Vanille, 9. Sean Fennessy for The Design Files, 10. Miguel Flores-Vianna)

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  1. Danielle, I scoured Lonny for the first kitchen you have pictured and I can’t find it…gah! I really want, nay, NEED to see the rest of that kitchen. It’s really fabulous and I am oh so in love with it. A little help?

  2. I love the combination of rustic wood and modern elements. Especially the third and the fourth picture: Beautiful old pots and a chalkboard. dream kitchens.


  3. Love the wood and black one. Just has a wonderful rustic look to it!

  4. @shuzluva: the kitchen was featured in issue August 2012 from Lonny mag. You can see more info here: http://www.lonny.com/photos/Rustic/giUWeAB7MTp. Unfortunately this is all information I have.

  5. All of these pictures are amazing inspiration, exactly what my style is… great to get ideas!

  6. The kitchen in black and wood as featured in the 4th picture is made by Arthur Poort interieurs. He is very talented and a nice person…

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  8. want more info!!! love your kitchens!!!

  9. ???????????!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. Love the wood on the 2nd en 4th kitchen. Any idea what type of wood this is?

  11. Hello Danielle,

    I am really impressed this photo above. Nice project and implementation. Please tell me, what kind of wood did you use do it?


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