black kitchens


Last Monday I showed you some white kitchens. Today is about black! What do you think of these black kitchens? Do you prefer these or the kitchens in white?









(image source: 1. & 2. Nu interieur ontwerp, 3.Anna Kern for Skona Hem, 4. J. Luijk / Tom Kletecka / M. Holtum, 5. Hotze Eisma, 6. Lerkenfeldt Photography, 7. via Elle Decor, 8. John Bendtsen, 9. Sean Fennesy via The Design Files)

12 Responses to black kitchens

  1. Hi – I love both, but my favourite one is the black one! Hug, Barbara

  2. white for me – black makes beautiful photographs but how every crumb and fingerprint would show up! And on a grey day I might get a bit depressed..

  3. I would rather prefer the white kitchen because the color white is
    associeted with cleanliness but black would be my second choice perhaps
    in a small city apartment somewhere.

  4. Mooie foto’s! Ik vind een zwarte keuken heel mooi! Die lampen op de derde foto zijn trouwens ge-wel-dig!

    Enn.. ik ben al weken op zoek naar die bewaar/voorraadpotten op de eerste twee foto’s! Iemand enige idee waar die verkrijgbaar zijn? (vind de vorm en de deksel heel mooi)

  5. I really do not like that much black in any room. It sucks up light.
    Black is good as an accent but especially for a kitchen, I think it is too much.

  6. Not sure how much I like the stark contrast with the black and white rooms. I do, however, love the rooms showing black mixed with grey or the bamboo-style color.

  7. Usually I would say: white! But I have to say that the black ones r Beautiful! 🙂 Suus

  8. Love the black! Question: do you know where to find the house shaped chopping boards shown in image 1?

  9. @Mark: the house shaped bread boards are from Tas-ka ( They ship world wide!

  10. @Marcella: de voorraadpotten zijn glazen apothekerspotten. Ik weet niet waar je ze kan kopen maar als je googled op apothekerspotten moet je ze denk ik wel kunnen vinden. Succes!

  11. These black kitchens prove that black can make anything quite chic. I can’t believe they look so good. I was expecting a scene from a horror movie.

  12. @Danielle: Bedankt! Ik ga eens googlen!

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