living with books


Where do you keep all your books? Here are some examples of how and where to store and display books.






(image source: 1. The Apartment, 2. KrausSchoenberg Architects, 3. Karin Foberg for Hus o Hem, 4. JH Interior Design, 5. unknown, 6. Petra Bindel)

5 Responses to living with books

  1. I like the high white ceilinged rooms and I love the old chair in the last photo.
    I am hoping our next ( soon to be ) home will have a room like one of these ..

  2. Wauw! Die eerste foto!! Gave boekenkast, maar dat houten plafond is ook prachtig!

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  4. Anyone of these please. Just a lil library is all I need.

  5. Ah the world of books and the inner world they inspire, great visuals full of written promise.

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