concrete in interiors


What do you think about using concrete in your home? Concrete can be quite cold but combined with other materials (such as wood) it can have a beautiful look. Lately I am been seeing more and more home accessories made of concrete which are great to add a little bit of an industrial look to your interior.







(image source: 1. Briggs Edward Solomon, 2. & 5. styling by Amanda Rodriguez, photography by Elin Strömberg, 3. I Found My Home/ Kallosturin / Elin Strömberg, 4. Bolia, 6. Nordic Bliss, 7. by April & May)

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  1. I adore it. I don’t think there’s such thing as too much concrete, because it’s just a blank slate for you to accessorize and make softer, if you like. It’s even a cheap material, and it’s so versatile that you can polish it to not even look like concrete! <3

  2. Ook weer zó mooi! Ik vind de beton/hout-combi heel mooi! Die kussens op de laatste foto zijn ook super!

  3. Concrete is my new love. So I make things even themselves out of concrete.
    (But only on a small scale. Called: Oh, Beton!)
    It’s just a fantastic material. You can do infinitely more with concrete.
    Thanks for showing these wonderful pictures.

  4. Mooi om te zien hoe hout het beton ‘verzacht’.

    Fijn weekend Daniëlle Xx

  5. I love concrete mix with wood. I absolutely adore it!

  6. I am happy to hear that you enjoyed this post! Thanks for all your comments. Have a wonderful weekend!

  7. There is a concrete pendant lamp pictured. Do you know where I can purchase this lamp? Thank you-Rob Rush

  8. Hoorah to concrete! I love the matching with wood, it really softens and warms the feel of the space.

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  11. i am recently inspired by this new interior look in concrete…
    only thing that questions me… what polish gives concrete such neat and matt finish look.

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