yellow accents


A little bit of yellow to celebrate that we are heading to Spring, my favorite season.





(images: 1. NLXL, 2. Marc Koehler Architects, 3. Crafty Blossom, 4. Pomalia, 5. Country Road)

6 Responses to yellow accents

  1. Yellow and blue accents are my favorite! Thanks for sharing this

  2. any idea where that amazing couch is from, i love it. great colors, love the pops of yellow, my fave!

  3. Wauw, stuk voor stuk mooie plaatjes zeg! Geel is niet echt mijn kleur, maar vind het hier toch wel erg mooi! En dat “Amsterdam” lijstje is ook heel leuk.

  4. Yellow is such a fun happy color. These are great examples for the house!

  5. You have done true wonder with yellow. Even when you are using greys and blacks and whites, just a blaub of yellow changes everything. Great work. And thanks for sharing.

  6. Where can someone see entire sofa on line? how much is it?

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