tipi love


Don’t you love tipis? And can you imagine how much fun it must be for a kid to have a tipi in his/her room! A private place which is perfect for playing, relaxing or reading. My two year old son has a tipi in his room (see photo below). He loves and it also looks great as well (not unimportant..). This would be a lovely Christmas present!


There are tipis in different colors and patterns but I personally like the natural canvas one in white. We got ours (the one above) from Smallable (world wide shipping!). The comfy mattrass and cute pillows are from Colette Bream’s lovely Etsy shop. The crocheted garland is also from Smallable.




(image source: 1. Doolittle, 2. the style files, 3. Matthew Millman, 4. Babyccinokids, 5. Rikshaw)

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