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I love all kinds of handmade textiles but I especially have a fondness for vintage kilim rugs as they have so much character. Each carpet is one of a kind as they all have a unique set of colors and patterns. These tribal rugs often have vivid colors and bold geometric designs. You can find some beautiful kilim rugs here.



Kilims have become very popular in interior decorating as they give instant personality to a space. Their colours and attractive features make unique eyecatchers in any interior. Above and below some examples of interiors with kilim rugs and cushions. I love how a kilim fits in different styles of interiors: it looks gorgeous in a bohemian chic room but also in a contemporary home where it can soften up an all white room.


A bit of background information: a kilim is a woven rug (flatweave) that is traditionally hand made in Anatolia, the Caucasus, the Middle East and North Africa. A particular characteristic is that the surface of a kelim rug is identical on both sides.


“Kilim” rug weaving is said to be a tradition that migrated with the Turkmen tribes to parts of present-day Iran, Turkey and Afghanistan in the eleventh century A.D. But archaeological evidence of kilim woven textiles from 7,000 B.C. have been recovered, making kilim one of the oldest and longest held design traditions in the world. More information about kilims can be found here.




kilim love

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