design classics: artichoke pendant


Today I’m loving … this Artichoke lamp which is a true design classic. The PH Artichoke Pendant was designed by Poul Henningsen in 1958 and it is manufactured by Louis Poulsen. The leaves are laser-cut steel to produce shape lines reflective of modern design.




The entire fixture is mounted by stainless steel aircraft cables to hold the unusually heavy weight of the light. For years, a number of companies have tried to replicate the Artichoke fixture; only a handful have made a replica that is at all geometrically and cosmetically similar.

(image source: 1. Jacob Termansen, 2. Canadian House & Home, 3. Bloomingville, 4. Plastolux)

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  1. I had an original artichoke pendant over my office desk for years. I loved it! My boss has since moved it to his house, and I miss the wonderful, indirect light it created.

  2. I love the Artichoke lamp! Beautiful pictures and I especially like the first one.

    Bye, Alessia

  3. I like it a lot!Enjoy your week!

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