trend: connecting the dots


What does all these interior images have in common? Black & white dots, which I have been seeing a lot of lately. The lamps in the top image are easy to make yourself. Just buy plain rice paper lamps and draw some black dots on the lamps with a black marker.





(images by double g, Anna Malin, Frida Ramstedt, Deborah via Emmas Designblogg)

7 Responses to trend: connecting the dots

  1. The first photo worries me – what happens when they hatch?

  2. This trend is super cute. Love the lamps in the first image! If I had an enormous living room, I’d love a dotted piece by Yayoi Kusama…

  3. Wonderful Pictures. Love them all. Great inspirations.

  4. I also like the way the paper lamps are clustered together. It makes them look more like a lighting fixture than typical paper lamps.

  5. Love this idea, so cool!!

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  7. Dots always makes you happy! Also love the chairs on the first picture, know where they are from?

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