casa can mares on ibiza


Today another summer home on Ibiza, Spain! This home is more classic than the other houses I have featured but still has a rustic atmosphere that I love. I hope you enjoy looking into these kind of holiday homes as I have a lot more to be featured here on the style files in the coming weeks!






(images by Jordi Canosa / styling by Magda Martínez)

5 Responses to casa can mares on ibiza

  1. If I could magically transfer myself to this beautiful home,I would do it !!!!!Gorgeus!!!

  2. LOVE this style of house! I have many pictures like these saved in files on my computer for future dream house ideas. Keep posting them!

  3. Wow I love these images, very inspirational….keep them coming…..!

  4. I’m restoring an old stone cottage in Portugal and posts like yours are so inspiring!

  5. paula soares

    White painted walls+ woden ceilings= cosy spaces to live in!!

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