shades of blue


Today some eye-candy in various blue shades. I do love blue especially turquoise which represents summer to me. It is striking how all these different shades combine so well together. Gorgeous!






(image credits: Jeltje Janmaat, Marjon Hogervorst / styling by AnoukB, Marie Claire Maison, Yellow, VT Wonen, Rosa Rugosa, Toast, Rob Brinson)

8 Responses to shades of blue

  1. How impressive!
    Cool blue palette!

  2. I’ve hated the colour blue for most of my life due to a horrid blue school uniform, but it’s just recently started to appeal to me again. These pictures are beautiful!

  3. My kitchen is walls are painted that deep turquoise of the coverlet on the bed…inspired by a glass from a vintage set of 1950’s aluminum beverage set. It’s amazing how well it goes with other colors.
    Turquoise and it’s various shades have always been part of my wardrobe. Other shades of blue seem melancholy, but pale icey blue, turquoise and navy speak of the sky and sea.

  4. I adore blue color for deco. it reminds me to the sea and the sea to holidays and holidays to happiness. Yeah! I’m a blue girl!

  5. Beautiful! Fresh! Breezy!

  6. blue! 🙂 gorgeous

  7. I love this! The first photo and the one with the rustic chair are my favourites; stunning shades of blue in all of them though!

  8. I love all that blue..makes my heart swoon.

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