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  • Would be great in my new grey, white and all shades of blue interior!

    Too bad they only have it available in the UK 🙁

  • Hi Karin, the True Blue collection is also available in other countries such as the US, The Netherlands etc.

  • Found the true blue collection in an IKEA Shop in Germany. I love it.
    And although great: The MYRLILJA Textilcollection.

  • Thanks for the update!!! Husband and I have a date with IKEA planned tomorrow ( we bought a kitchen and IKEA gave us no less than 300 euro to spend in there store!)

    I’m sooooo buying blue stuff. Yihaaa

  • Whatever happened to True Blue? Is Ikea snubbing the US again, like it did last summer with Annorlunda,another amazing pop up collection? Most US Ikea fans have to drive two hours plus to get to the nearest store while stores abound in Europe. Isn’t IKEA making enough money here? Isn’t IKEA alienating loyal customers with their foul preferential marketing strategy?