garden party


These beautiful images are from a first anniversary dinner party organised by Amarology Wedding. The photos are shot by Jill Thomas. I love the setting in the orange groves in North County San Diego, USA.


Amorology Weddings about the styling of the event: “We wanted it to be as if each couple brought their own elements from their wedding. So there are lots of colors, different chairs, even different plates. We imagined them sharing their own personal touches at the dining table and creating a tapestry of textures, mix and match china patterns, hand-stitched napkins and dining chairs from each of the couples trusso as we set a charmingly elegant table.”


(Source: Jill Thomas and Amorology Weddings )

8 Responses to garden party

  1. Looks like a great place to host a party!

  2. Such lovely pictures…its a treat to just look at ’em!

  3. Oh my, it’s a fairytale, so pretty, so perfect…thank you for sharing this!

  4. Oh, that’s so pretty. And I bet it smelled lovely in the orange grove!

  5. I love the chairs! They show how well mismatched items can go together–it adds so much character and personality to the table.

  6. Those pictures are really beautyfull

  7. I’ve been looking at this wedding for quiet some time now… I’m dreaming of a baby christening in September that will resemble this setting… Simply beautiful!

  8. it’s so nice ! just beautifull !

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