a home on ibiza, spain


Today’s post features a gorgeous home on Ibiza, Spain. The outdoor areas are wonderful and very inviting. I love spending time outdoors and only wish we had a climate like in Spain so we could spend more time outside.







A note to readers wanting to rent a holiday home like this one: I only feature these gorgeous houses on my blog and I don’t know if the houses are for rent. I often receive messages from people saying that they want to rent the house and even giving me the exact dates. I am not a travel agent!

(images by Jordi Canosa / styling by Daniela Cavestany)

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  • Oh, my – your disclaimer at the end made me laugh. :))) Seriously – do you get many requests for rental? I really cannot imagine how one can confuse a style / interior website with a travel agent. Some people must just be purely illiterate.

  • Lots of gorgeous details here!
    I especially liked the dining table, and the “larger than life” lamp, hehe!
    I guess I am not going to ask you when I can go there.. not even as a joke..! Heheh! I wish I could get away from this rain here in Norway as well.

  • I love the hammock – especially the fringe .Does anyone know where I could purchase one.

  • Can you tell me what brand of the seats on the second plate? .. my compliments for making these beautiful pictures.