summer loving


I love spring time and we have some lovely spring days here. But it is still chilly and I can’t wait for summer to arrive! In the mean time I selected some summer inspired images.




(images from Atlanta Homes Mag, Plumo, Wood & Wool Stool, Hinterland Photo / Ascot Friday)

4 Responses to summer loving

  1. Thank you for sharing the lovely summery pics. Here it is freezing cold – hope summer is coming soon.

  2. i am so longing for summer! it is still cool here too. hoping by the end of the month we can call it summer.

  3. These are great inspiration pictures! Wishing you a summer day soon! 😉

  4. Yes yes yes summer cannot wait…would love to do a road trip in that groovy old pickup!! The VW is so cute also
    Carla x

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