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I found this very cool office space on Design*Sponge. Fashion site Refinery29 just moved their 70-person team into this space in New York’s Cooper Square. They worked with designer Chad McPhail to create a space that “balances clean-lined minimal elements with more rustic industrial materials to create a neutral canvas” to be filled with color and pattern. I think it is a wonderful idea to create a working environment that has cosy, ‘home like’ elements.





(images from Ingalls Photography/ via Design*Sponge)

5 Responses to cool office space

  1. All these lovely patterns! Love the lamp inthe last photo.

  2. I like Refinery 29 <3. The office look awesome and so comfortable for work!


  3. Totally would be my kind of cubicle 😀 So much more motivating to work!

  4. Love this offices and those cushions are really incredible and it’s unbelievable that I’m seeing them here because I just came back from Marrakech a few days ago and they were everywhere that’s chic. I had to bring home some myself. I smile each time I see them.

  5. I love that everybody can add something of their personal touch to their workspace by hanging up some sort of picture or drawing.

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