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I don’t very often post pictures of my own home. The reason for this that it is hard to find the right time to take photos. The light has to be good (we lack natural light in winter time) and with a 1.5 year old little boy who is very energetic (a nice way of saying that he makes a lot of mess..) the house never seems to be tidy enough to be photographed. But today (finally) a picture of our bedroom. The lavender bedspread is new and it is inspired me to make this photo. The copper star pendant is from Le Souk, as well is the bedspread and the rustic wooden tables next to the bed.

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  1. Beautiful bedroom… and I love the bedspread…. wonderful!

  2. LOVE the star pendant. I think it makes the room! I may need one of those…

  3. Nice bedroom. I love the interior and design of this room. It looks very peaceful and neat.

  4. Super mooi! Een heerlijke rustige slaapkamer waar die voor bedoeld is! Prachtig het sprei! Meteen zin om mijn eigen slaapkamer onder handen te nemen :-)!

  5. How peaceful and beautiful!

  6. Purple is also the only color in my own bedroom. I think it really fits the Moroccan silver
    Bonne weekend

  7. Nice that you found time to make a picture of your home.
    This is the way the kids are. Having two small children and mess all the time I told my friends that unexpected visits at my home are unwelcome.

  8. I’m so in love with your bedroom- it’s so similar to the look I’ve been trying to achieve with mine! I’ve been searching for a copper star pendant for a while now and yours is gorgeous! Where did you get your pillow shams? I love how they’re have a bit of sparkle without being overwhelming. Overall, your space is perfect- I’m so jealous of the architecture too!

  9. Actually, if you don’t mind, I’d love to feature your room in my favorite space column (I’d obviously give you credit.) I post my favorite space every Sunday, and leave the photo up in my sidebar (with credit) for a week.

    Let me know!

  10. super love!!! that Moroccan star lamp is gorgeous!

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