natural materials


Today some ‘natural style’ interiors. I have a love for raw, natural materials and these kind of materials can be found in every room of our home. When getting toys for our 1.5 year old son we try to get him things that we don’t mind looking at (mostly from wood). But kids do love colorful plastic things and there are some very ugly plastic toys lying around the house as well. I LOVE that wooden train in the top picture. What kind of toys do you have for your kids?




(images from: 1. Avotakka, 2. via Decoratualma, 3. Innerstadsspecialisten, 4. Christine Perazu)

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  • What is it about natural neutral colors that I love so much? Sometimes I think perhaps I’m boring or afraid of color. But these colors I find soothing, relaxing, zen…love it! I prefer the simplicity of it, the understated look.

  • What kind of toys do you have for your kids?
    I have kind of mix ;- )I love the design classic toys and the wooden one too…but its impossible to forget about plastic – so there is also a playmobile at my house 😉 I try to keep control of it and always ask family for presents which are made from a good quality materials and will stay long wit us ( I got 5 and 1,5 old sons) We also talk with kids about how long the ” toys life” thats the good materials are keep them with us for longer and try to teach them also respect for it. A carton house , castle or car and making toys from paper is also really fun! My 1,5 years old love to play with all my kitchen accessories 😉 I just making him small kitchen next to me 😉