a home in copenhagen


This beautiful home in Copenhagen, Denmark, is featured in the April issue of Bolig Magasinet. I love the light and white clean look combined with some colorful accessories. Also, the grey wall in the bedroom is gorgeous!







(images by Peter Kragballe / styling by Camilla Tange / found via La Maison d’Anne G)

15 Responses to a home in copenhagen

  1. stylish and great home!
    Love it!
    The yellow mirror is so nice and sunny on this wooden floor!

  2. Great house, I too looove the grey wall in the bedroom.

  3. Beautiful home !

  4. I like it a lot but it’s a bit austere and “wintery”. Think I would like more colour in the summer.

  5. Hi, what a great place, lovely!! Have a great day!

  6. how the wood soil warms the pureness of the white… great!
    actually : enjoy springtime!

  7. Love the yellow mirror frame!

  8. beautiful interior, so inspiring

  9. You always post the most amazing homes/interiors. I love this one.

  10. Any idea what paint colour the grey wall is in the bedroom?

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  15. Would love to live in such a house.

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