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  • So unique, old world style meets modern design. I love it. Reminds me of a new take on old world Mediterranean tile.

  • I know you’re not that fussed with linking ethically or respecting the origins of photos (your Flickr account is testament to that), but you could at least specify which project/s these images come from so that others can find them.

  • @kate: I don’t think I’ve ever seen a blog that is so consistent in naming the origins of the photos and giving credit to the original creators. In fact, I’ve seen dozens of comments on this site from photographers and other artists being thankful for just being mentioned. Your bitter comments have no place here.

  • Thanks for all your comments. Good to hear that you all like the tiles as much as I do.

    Every now and then I get comments like the one from Kate. I try not to let them bother me too much but I have to admit that it still hurts a little bit to see a comment like that. Especially as I spend a lot of time searching for the source of an image that I have found online but where the source wasn’t mentioned. I sometimes spend one hour (a very precious hour – as I have a busy 1.5 year old son and very limited time) to track down the source of an image.

    All images featured on the style files are hosted on Flickr (otherwise this site will be very slow and often down, which happened in the past) and I mention on flickr that the images are featured on the style files, which is where the source is mentioned.

    About Kate’s remark that I could specify from which project the image come from: in this case the images could easily be found on the website mentioned under the section tiles. I hold me readers in high regard and I am sure that everyone could find this easily. Is it too bad to put a little bit of effort if you want to find an image on a particular website?

    Luckily 99% of all comments are positive and I truly enjoy reading them! Thank you for all your support and your positive and kind feedback!

  • The images are stunning and the materials are creating a soothing space. Where can I purchase the green tiles?