an apartment in barcelona


Let’s come with me to Barcelona, Spain, today and take a peek into this beautiful home. The neutral toned color scheme and the high ceilings and windows give this apartment an airy and spacious look. The clean lined place is decorated with modern furniture but the wooden accessories and several rugs give warmth to the various rooms.





(images by Jordi Canosa/styling by Daniela )

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  1. What a great apartment, in particulare the modern black windows and glass door are very special …

  2. I’ll take it! What a great space. I wonder if I could hire it for my trip in June..?

  3. Gorgeous apartment, love the calm feeling. Sharing on Twitter!

  4. How wonderfull… so clean and warm

  5. Love it! The gray rug looks so cozy. I love the cool colors, so peaceful. J

  6. Hi, Love it, love it and love it. So perfect and cozy! Have a great day!

  7. Does anyone know where that adjustable arm lamp in the first photo comes from?

  8. Hello
    Please give my name as the stylish of these photos
    And a link to my web side and also to the photographer.
    Thank you

  9. Wow! beautiful home…..And really very cool and neutral color and the high ceilings and windows give this apartment Gorgeous look…:)

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  11. What type of table is that? I love it but need some keywords to search for it.

  12. What type of table is that called?

  13. oh this is to die for, I love love love white floors! Off to sulk I can’t like in this apt LOL

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