a small loft in paris


This small and cosy family home is created in an industrial building in Paris. A few years ago some friends and investors bought this former tapestry factory and they converted it into various apartments. This apartment is beautifully decorated with vintage and designer furniture pieces.


A true eye-catcher is the wire lamp from Marie Christophe, a French artist who makes whimsical and gorgeous sculptural lamps and chandeliers with curved wire and colorful beads


(images by Nicolas Matheus/via Cote Maison)

6 Responses to a small loft in paris

  1. my boss apartment !

  2. Hi, so beautiful!! What a great loft! Really love the chairs and lamp!! Have a great day!

  3. agence “double G” in PAris

  4. This is a refreshingly simple yet lovely Interior Design. I love that outer office wall. Have to find a way to use something different but same concept on another Interior Design project. Bravo, job well done!

  5. Love this shoot! Please let me know what type of chairs those red moulded ones are! I have two of them and have been trying for years to discover their origins…

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