an apartment in paris


This is the home of Caroline Delaudes, a lawyer living and working in Paris, France. As she wants her home to be a quiet oasis when she comes back from a hectic day, it is decorated in muted colors and natural materials such a wood. Caroline took over the apartment, which is located in the 3rd arrondissement, from her grandmother in 2004. She renovated the entire house preserving the original style but added modern touches. I love the beautiful light coming through the large, glass doors.





(images via Interiormagasinet)

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  1. hardly have any words to describe how much I like this.. romantic and modern at the same time and that light is gorgeous

  2. beautiful. I miss Paris!!!

  3. The big glass doors and the balcony infront of it are soooo great! Wish I had something similar 🙂

  4. wonderful interior

  5. j’adore………………..

  6. Beautiful and simple.

  7. That sink is amazing!!!! Whoa. I’ve never seen anything like that!


  8. i would live at any house in paris.. anyway beautiful chairs

  9. Even with the pictures, I could still feel the preservation of its designs and interiors . It looks like they just restored the things inside and maintain the classic style of it which is I also think is good and the ambiance of Old Europe.

  10. I love this home!

  11. What I wouldn’t give…this is the perfect Paris apt!

  12. Agree with @Mariella.
    Such romantic images, yet still there is a rawness/roughness to the spaces
    x kat

  13. I like this, beatifull and romantic!

  14. Beautiful photographs! Very bright with lots of light. I like the simple desk and chair…
    Kind Regards AJ..

  15. Amazing photos! So beautiful!

  16. what a beautiful apartment, i love the combination of the [new] colours and the [old] antique furniture. the light in the bedroom and kitchen is fantastic too

  17. What a lovely apartment. And the bathtub with the shower. How French. Miss Paris!

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