a lovely still life


Today I’m loving … this still life image. A cup of cup, a wooden plate and some inspiring images, that’s all.

(images from Eldrids)

7 Responses to a lovely still life

  1. I agree, it’s beautiful and all you need…

  2. Lovely image. I always wonder where to get those great simple and stylish branches? So hard to find when you are not surrounded by natural fields…

  3. so perfect, love the mood here

  4. As always, delicate and interesting photos; obviously many still under the influence of a cold northern hemisphere’s winter 🙂 Love from shiny Oz

  5. @Kalikratis: Yes, I am still under the influence of the cold weather in this part of the world. But I am longing for summer!

  6. Is this really her place? It’s very beautiful, but she kind of advocates getting away from the neutral thing. Her designs and her house in this blog post seems a much darker affair. http://abigailahern.wordpress.com/2012/01/24/mirror-mirror/

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