winter wonderland in waterland


We have had beautiful weather here in The Netherlands this weekend. It has been snowing and the sun was shining. Ice was thick enough to skate so many people went outside on their skates. The winter wonderland images above and below were taken in our village in Waterland, The Netherlands.


The top picture shows our house and backyard in a winter setting. The image below is the view from our living room and backyard. As you can imagine we have had a wonderful weekend. I hope you have been enjoying yours as well!

(images by Danielle/the style files)

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  1. you live in a gorgeous place… and under the shine… so warm in fact!! nice you could go outside… here was not so bright!

  2. Reminds me of de Jaagweg…Somewhere near Ilpendam 🙂

  3. Wat enorm genieten…Mooier kan je niet wonen..

    Groetjes Petra

  4. You are living in amazing house and place….wowowo looks beautiful out there. This weekend in Rotterdam was amazing, we enjoyed the frozen canals where everybody get on ice with skates! Love it!

  5. beautiful winter photos

  6. Very beautiful ! It reminds me when I lived in NL….

  7. the place look so great..!!!

  8. Wow I m envious looks beautiful .and I want to go skating !!

  9. Lovely pictures. I remember the fun in the snow and on the ice as a child. In Australia now, since 1955.

  10. Gorgeous pix! Brings back memories of skating on the canals around Loosdrecht and on the pond near my oma’s house in Hattem… finishing it all up with a steaming hot cup of hot chocolate!

  11. Danielle-
    Your snow cover looks just beautiful! We’ve only had a few snowstorms which is very unusual for us in northern Ohio. Hopefully they’ll get the roads cleared for Monday’s work day.

    Enjoy the beauty of it all!

  12. What totally gorgeous pictures. So inspiring, and energizing to see the crisp cold whites and blues.

  13. Love your images especially the misty trees, its 33 degrees C in Melbourne, so these make me feel much cooler.

  14. your home is stunning. i am completely captivated. thanks for having a beautiful blog.

  15. Wauw, prachtig zeg!

  16. Your house is beautiful. I like it a lot.

  17. Oh wat wonen jullie prachtig! Mooie foto’s heb je gemaakt.

  18. Oh wow, you live in such a beautiful place!

  19. Such lovely photos! We live in Canada (southern Ontario) and have had an odd winter- a couple of snow storms but then warm days that follow melt most of the snow. We live on a lake but no chance to skate here this year.
    I love your home- is there any chance you might post a photo tour of your house? We are currently looking for house plans to build a new home in 2 years. We would love a house with loft bedrooms & vaulted ceilings but find it difficult to find existing plans to our liking. Would love to see what the interior of your house is like.
    Thanks for the lovely winter inspiration photos.

  20. Absolutely gorgeous photos! That last one is breathtaking. And I love your house!

  21. Oh your pics are soooooo beautiful. I live in Canada (Toronto) and we do not have any snow so far this year !

  22. it’s beautiful! i miss the snow! i just moved to Japan and it’s rarely snow around here.

  23. Breath-taking photos. You have a really lovely home.

  24. So beautiful pictures and wonderful house !

  25. Winter wonderfland beauty!!! The photo with the birdhouse is so precious looking (priceless!!!). It finally started snowign a little bit here in New York (usa) .. I woke up to a lovely kiss of snow in the ground. Not enought to make a snowman, but enough to appreciate it’s beauty!!! Have a lovely day!!!

  26. What a gorgeous home and the pictures are divine too — thank you!

  27. Coming from Australia and never having experienced a winter like this, these images are so breath taking and dream like to me.

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