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I love rustic kitchens with wood, concrete and accessories in grey, black and wood. Above (image via AnoukB) and below (images via VT Wonen) some rustic kitchen inspiration.


Create a similar look with the products below:

1. Salt & Pepper Grinder from Muuto, 2. UNGDOM cups from IKEA, 3. Bread board made from teak wood, 4. wooden Bread board, 5. & 6. Black pottery from Colombia, 7. Rack with 6 wooden plates.

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  1. Oh, I really love that weathered old butcher’s block! They are popular here in England, which means they are somewhat easy to find– but very, very spendy!

  2. Lovely – just my kind of taste!

  3. I love the stove tops. There’s no back burner, I dislike cooking on the back burner. Great idea. Not to mention how stylish they are too!

  4. perfect inspiration

  5. Love. These are the kinds of things I always look for to prop food and kitchens. Love those boards stacked together!

  6. Can’t agree with you more! Great inspiration!

  7. I am starting to collect ideas for my own files, thinking of a new home in my future. I love this mix and love that stove. My first thought was the danger of wooden boards behind the stove burners but I know it is just for looks 🙂
    I am actually looking forward to redoing another home .. this will be my 4th 🙂

  8. What a lovely blog you have! I am visiting for the first time. Thanks for lots of inspiration:-)

  9. Absolutely gorgeous! I love the color combo – so pretty! ;-))

  10. The rustic style and handmade furniture as well as the other wooden pieces look so original. I always think about making my own furniture by hand. I found great inspiration from here.

  11. great images! wish i saw this post before i posted mine yesterday!
    Will be keeping these in mind later
    x kat

  12. Fabulous combination of texture and colors. I just did a room in creme, white and grays with wood. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your selections!

  13. I also love rustic kitchens!! Wonderful pictures! Have a great day!

  14. Wow, beautiful rustic kitchen! These are the kinds of things I always look for to search food and kitchens. Love those boards stacked together

  15. Love rustic kitchens especially when the pieces are juxtaposed in a modern setting. The salt & pepper grinder you suggested is an easy addition.

  16. Little touches of wood like that in a kitchen really add a new dimension of style. It’s a great way to add some contrast to a modern design and bring some of that “old world” feel to the space.

  17. everything inspires me

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