a converted farmhouse in granada, spain


This converted rural farmhouse in Granada, Spain is designed for social living. This is the summer home of Es and Jack and their daughter Ry. The style of this family home can be best described as simple, whitewashed, local style with Moorish lights and doorways.


We try to bring a sense of interior style to our outdoor space,’ says Es. ‘We have loads of lanterns and rugs out on the terrace and have created a canvas canopy above.’ She adds, ‘This is a simple farmhouse, but as we are in the Sierra Nevada – in the shadow of the Alhambra palace – we wanted to add a Moorish flavour.’


The family’s goal was to create an inviting home where they could spend endless days relaxing with family and friends. An open home with cosy textiles, relaxed banquette seating and ‘help yourself’ kitchen storage makes friends feel welcome.


(images and information from Ikea Family Live)

5 Responses to a converted farmhouse in granada, spain

  1. Looks cosy and light. I like!
    Have a nice day and greetings from Germany.
    allesistgut 🙂

  2. I believe that your you want to say Granada, in Spain.
    ( I´m from Spain, Cordoba. I love your web)

  3. I love the exposed beams in the bedroom this is truel an amazing house. Was the conversion expensive?

  4. Thanks Mimi for letting me know! I have made the corrections.

  5. great pictures. 🙂 sooo cozy looking

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