white & grey


Today some white & grey interior pics from the portfolio of Trine Thorsen. Perhaps the color combination is boring to some, but I do like the calm atmosphere that is created by the neutral colors.




6 Responses to white & grey

  1. Grey is my favourite color, on your blog Im always finiding the best interior/lifestyle portfolios. Its been a while since Ive been here but your blog has been one of the first blogs I descover and it was like 3/4 years ago…best Kamila

  2. I love grey – it’s so beautiful! Admittedly there’s little in my space, but I love love love to see interiors that have used it. ♥

  3. I adore this. So beautiful and peaceful.

  4. The first picture is amazing!! Love grey and white, timeless.

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  6. The white and gray! Now I want to paint my office! These colors do not get old together and are SO welcoming!

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