wonderful white & wood


The wonderful combination of white and wood. From the porfolio of Trine Thorsen.

4 Responses to wonderful white & wood

  1. Beautiful! I love white & I love wood, such a lovely combination. I recently found your blog & have been really enjoying it. Happy halloween :-).

  2. I’m seeing this design trend more and more. I’m not complaining, I just love the look and somehow all the wood brings warmth to all the white. Thanks for the inspiration!

  3. I love the look of wood on white, and can see this becoming the next big ‘look’ in the kitchen and around the home. The two tones just go well together and give a brilliantly crisp look.


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  4. I’m a wood lover, but I love your posts which give me reasons why I love it so much! Thanks for the inspiration!

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