wanted: this wooden stool


Today I’m loving … this beautiful wooden stool. It is from IKEA but unfortunately it is no longer available. I’ve seen the stool several times in the past few months and every time I see it I want it more.. Does anybody know the name of the stool? The inspiring photo (gorgeous!) by the way, is shot by Marjon Hoogervorst while styling is from the hand of AnoukB.

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  1. The stool was part of the PS collection launched in 2005. I have one at home and I love it!

  2. Ugh, me too! I wish I had bought one of these and regularly scour eBay to see if anyone’s selling theirs. They never are of course, why would you get rid of such a lovely thing!

  3. It seems like IKEA is always discontinuing things before I can make it there to buy them! I did see this side table on their site (a new item) that looks very similar:


  4. It was called the Ekekull from the PS collection.

  5. Dag,

    Weet iemand van welk merk de lamp is?

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