a home in bergen, norway


Siw’s (from the blog Design Shimmer) is featured in the IKEA Family magazine and on the website of IKEA Family Live. The stunning flat in Bergen, Norway, is a merge of families, values and needs. A home that mixes cosy with masculine touches.


This rented flat in Bergen was supposed to be a temporary home for Siw, her husband Roger and their children, but they’ve now been there for five years. Here’s what Siw learned in that time: 1. Unify, don’t zone. I’m not keen on marking out zones with different ‘types’ of furniture, style or colour. Instead, the room should work as a whole, while meeting a variety of requirements.


2. Space vs storage. Yes, storage creates space, but it also takes it up. We didn’t want to cram our home with storage on the walls, or for it to take up valuable floor space.


3. Mix, but don’t match. Mixing gives your home its style, and co-ordinating – rather than matching – is what helps it to make sense. I’m loving the IKEA storage boxes featured in the image above.


(images by Anders Schønnermann for IKEA Family / text from IKEA Family)

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